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RESTUD.IO (a.k.a R E Studio) is a software development studio based in Hong Kong. Our products include mobile apps, websites and mobile games. We aim to provide satisfied products to our clients in order to save time and cost.


Mobile apps development for both IOS and Android


Fast and responsive websites with custom design


Development of leisure, educational and fun 2D games


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Welink - 專業按揭計算機

Welink is a powerful mortgage calculator for you to calculate your maximum purchasing power in order to buy a property.


New Technology, Better Performance


React is a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook. It aims primarily to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability web app.


GatsbyJS is a blazing-fast static site generator. It uses modern web tech to build a fast website.


Netlify is a all-in-one solution for website hosting. It provides global CDN and HTTPS.

React Native

React Native can build a real native mobile app for both IOS and Android. It saves development time and maintains style for cross platform.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a planet scale and secure backend. They provide pay-as-you-go pricing sysytem, you only pay for what you need.


Unity, the world's leading real-time game engine, is used to create half of the world's games.

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We will listen to your requirements and custom made the user interface and functions suit your needs. We will also provide the professional opinions to help your business. We use new technology to save the development time and maintainance cost. Contact us for quotation.

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